Welcome to Predator Aion
Amazing PvP Server with Retail Features

Server Features

PredatorAion was designed by long time players that saw that alot of ppl just LOVE to pvp nonstop
but that there were some that loved to do instances and do retail stuff so we included Retail Features.


* World Buff System
* Custom World Boss Spawn Engine
* Dredgion Balaur Carrier Assault
* Hourly Online Reward System
* Ap Online Bonus System (Online Time Bonus AP Reward)
* Custom PVP Reward System (Extends the Standard PVP System with Ap with other Rewards (Tolls,Medals) )
* Advanced PvP Map System (Daily Custom PVP Maps with Rewards)
* Friendly Staff
* Full GeoData 4.5 Support *Rework of GeoData in Process due to changes by NCSoft*
* Events with nice rewards
Server Rates
*Experience: Max Level 65
*Gathering: Max out Level
*Drop: 100x
*Crafting: Max out level
*Quest: No Quest needed
*Abyss Points: 100x
*Kinah: 100x
*Server Info
*Max Skill & Max Stigma Auto Learn

How To Connect

So You Ready to just get your hands dirty with Elyos or Asmodians blood huh ? time to patch your client to connect and this is how.

Download Links

  • Vista/7

  • Win 8

  • Win XP

  • FAQ

    * Server Client
    * Auto Create Accounts

    Stuck at login
    * If you recently joined us and have updated to the version "" of retail then you be stuck at the login screen, this is due to a recent encryption key updated in the client itself that we dont support but its in process of being fixed. q
    You will have to downgrade back to and we have your link right here
  • Downgrade Link
  • Staff

    PredatorAion has some amazing staff ppl that always do there best to help the players enjoy there time with us. along with the Boss Predator and his admins there is helpers that are part of the family.


    The Boss Gamer


    Our amazing advertiser and event holder


    As known by many as our 'kind head'


    Nicknamed by Sync as the heavy drinker of the staff but a very kind person


    Known in the staff as just Tony, but loves to abuse his rights with love towards players


    Although playing is completely free the cost of running is is sadly not free, thats why when u choose to donate a little we will Thank You for showing that you love the server and want it to keep going
    and also we will reward you items or a package depending how much u donated.

    For the Donation List you can check the facebook page or personnally ask predator ingame and he will give you details on what you can donate or cant for.

    Terms and Conditions:

    1.)Donations are materials given by private persons without receiving anything in exchange.
    2.)You agree, that by making a donation you are not buying any product or service.
    3.)To show our appreciation we reward Donators with items in return for their support.
    4.)The donations are used to keep the server up and running.
    5.)You agree, that all transactions made are final and will not be refunded in any way.
    6.)You agree, that virtual assets such as player items will not be restored if lost or stolen.
    7.)Even if you donate you DO NOT have any special rights ingame or with the staff.

    Claiming Donations

    After donating send a email with your information to Predator after he validates the information
    he will give you your items ingame