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Information Update


1.Temporary Geodata has been added for now, "it is NOT 100% finished" but should help

2.Optimization to host has been done to improve the performance of the game server

3.Ingameshop patch has been complete for 4.5 Preview

4.The main thing we are working on is getting the server updated to 4.6 and it will be done
we trying to work fast.


{Admin} Sync


New members for staff!


We are in need for some patience new helpers that will help us recover the standards we had as best server
You need to atleast understand the basics of the server and english or a langauge thats used in the community
You as a helper will not have any commands besides the basic we do not give out higher ranks without proving that your trustworthly

You as a new person have to show us that we can trust u.

Predator & Staff